O that men might praise the Lord for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men. Psalm 107:21


It is amazing to observe God's wonderful works in providing for His church in ways that we would never expect. For many years, we had endeavored to purchase land to the west of our church building for expansion purposes. However, in 2012 God provided land for us to purchase on the east side of our property. Tallmadge's Overdale School went up for auction in June 2012 and we teamed together with Cornerstone Community School to make the purchase. We Were able to obtain approximately 1.2 acres for our needed expansion. Following the purchase, an expansion committee was formed to develop a building concept to meet our current and future needs. An architect was retained and worked with the committee to do preliminary drawings of our new buildings.


We would like to thank God for His provision and for the growth we have seen at our church. With God's help and direction, this building project will begin in 2017.


David Pelligra and Architects, Inc. is handling architecture and renderings of the expansion and remodel of Faith Bible Fellowship's existing structure.

Front view rendering:
Expansion will ultimately be attached to our existing structure.
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Rear view rendering:
Additional classrooms, new sanctuary, expanded parking, and more.
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Additional Views:

Faith Bible Fellowship in the Media:


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