Faith Bible Fellowship Church of Tallmadge, Ohio welcomes you. Our church is a non-denominational church, believing the Bible in its entirety. Salvation is obtained only through God's Son, Jesus Christ, who gave His life for us. Our focus is to exalt the Lord, evangelize the lost, and edify the Church to the glory of God. Feel free to navigate the site to learn more about getting plugged in at FBF.

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Attitudes in Affliction
Pastor Les Sutherland | 1 Peter 5:5-14
Sunday, September 25, 2016

Join Faith Bible Fellowship for expository preaching from God's Word each week.

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Membership Classes  //  October 9
A membership class for those interested in joining Faith Bible Fellowship will begin Sunday, October 9th. The classes run for five weeks...

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Sunday Evening Series
Join us for a special 3-session series on the End Times and different views of the Rapture. These sessions are now online with study guides. Click here.

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